DMP at Number 39

The Captain's Beard

Thursday 1st August 2019 9pm

Ahoy there me hearties, tonight the motley crew of The Captain's Beard will be boarding Number 39 for the first time. These buccaneers, bound for the waters of the Edinburgh Fringe have been lured off course by the promise of gold, 'Lancashire Gold' (2.50 a pint!). They will be dropping anchor here for the night to commence pirating and swashbuckling before our very eyes!

Yarrr! The Captain's Beard be a company of travelling troubadours on a quest to bring the finest grog fuelled sea shanties and dancing folk music to everyone who loves the pirate life.

Setting sail from the shores of Brighton these pirate minstrels will be intent on playing a mixture of rocked up maritime music, Irish folk, music from the Isles of Britain and original raucous folk-rock vibes along the lines of The Pogues and Flogging Molly all combined with outrageous comedy.

Aye me landlubbers, scupper any plans for tonight, grab the parrot and come about to the good ship 39 for a night of adventure. Yo ho ho!

To survey further turn your telescopes to the The Captain's Beard Website and plunder their videos.

The Captain's Beard


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Number 39 Hopstar Brewery Tap
39-41, Bridge Street

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Gary Ward