DMP at Number 39

Celtic Cross

Thursday 19th March 2020 9:00pm

It's a big hello to Celtic Cross who our long time friends "Zero" and "I.D. Guy" who you may also recognise from the band Panjenix.

Celtic Cross are a Turbofolk Duo originating from Clitheroe and they play music which combines traditional songs and instruments with modern styles and technologies. The band name symbolises this crossbreeding of genres and the music represents years of indulgence in many different musical fields which comes together into a single experience.

Celtic Cross came into existence in 1996 and have performed well over 4000 gigs since that time covering a large area of the U.K. as well as an excursion abroad. Starting out as an acoustic duo, the addition of a sequencer and later a computer opened up new dimensions and opportunities to express their own compositions more effectively.

Zero freely admits to spending way too much time on the computer but the result is a wealth of material on the web... he says his other bad habit is being in a Rock 'n Roll band! Anyway, to see it all get started on the Celtic Cross Website and from there you'll be able to hop, skip and jump to all their other projects.

Celtic Cross


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Number 39 Hopstar Brewery Tap
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