DMP at Number 39

Get Carter

Thursday 25th July 2019 9pm

Get Carter are a wild Hammond and Drum Duo with James Mackie (ex 'Selecter' and 'Madness') on organ and John Elles on drums. These guys are masters of the Hammond mod beat ... mesmerising ... unbeatable, they'll blow the bloody doors off!

Get Carter have a huge sound with influences including Jimmy McGriff, Booker T, Brother Jack McDuff, Deep purple, The Pistols and the more aggressive sounds of British organ music of the 60's and 70's. They don't sing or chat between numbers, they are there to get themselves and the audience into 'the zone' as soon as possible and to keep them there. The line up is simple - John's kit, James' keys and two inter-linked Leslie speakers. They are a live experience not to be missed. They play sets of original compositions and their own takes on classics like 'Blues for J', Black Night, Green Onions etc.

"I nearly made the mistake of dismissing Get Carter as just another acid jazz outfit! I guarantee you all I am now raising myself out of my seat and standing very much corrected. Their sound - which owes more to Jimmy Smith and Brother Jack McDuff than it does to the retro-groovers Brand New Heavies - is quite simply sublime. They have dispensed with vocals and pared their sound down to it's crucial elements. A warm low-end groove with high-end stabs in all the right places. Urge them to play 'The Walk' - it's a corker. miss this at your peril." - Howard Byrom, Guardian Newspapers.

For more details you can skip across to the Get Carter Website or Get Carter on Facebook.

Get Carter


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