DMP at Number 39

John The Baptist & The Second Coming

Thursday 19th July 2018 9pm

John The Baptist & The Second Coming are a 5 piece band from Wigan playing Jazz, Blues, Krautrock and intergalatic Progressive Rock. Band members are John Togher on vocals, Paul Bibby on guitar, Chris Atherton on drums, Dave Parkinson on bass and Neil Andrews on keyboards and cosmic mayhem.

JTB prove to be a strange fish of a band. They elicit from strangers peculiar dancing from songs about the universe, atoms, Higgs Bosons, Zeus, Gilgamesh & Prometheus and a theory that shoulders without freckles are like skies without stars. If you like Hawkwind, ELP and Gong then this is the band for you.

It's great to have this band back at Number 39 and if you saw them here before we know you won't be missing this one. If JTB are new to you then float through space to their JTB Facebook page.