DMP at Number 39

Kirk McElhinney & John Ellis

Thursday 16th August 2018 9pm

Tonight we have the strong alliance of singer songwriter Kirk McElhinney with our old friend John Ellis.

Kirk's perceptive lyrics are sung with passion and soul which he accompanies with a rich mixture of vivacious picking on the acoustic guitar to produce a unique and very effective sound. Blend this with the legendary musician, composer and producer, John Ellis on keyboards and we are in for an electrifying evening of unparalleled music.

YouTube has a fabulous one hour video of Kirk and John where their combined prowess speaks for itself.

You can also go and browse the Kirk McElhinney and you can learn more of John's many talents and accomplishments at the John Ellis Website.


Pic1 Pic1
Kirk McElhinney
Pic2 Pic2
John Ellis

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Number 39 Hopstar Brewery Tap
39-41, Bridge Street

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Gary Ward