DMP at Number 39

Zoe Kyoti, Phil James and Matt Owens

Thursday 22nd June 2017 9pm

Tonight we have three musicians coming together for what is very likely to be a one off performance. This promises to be a great gig as their names alone are qualification enough for us, these three quality musicians are always welcome at Number 39.

In fact it's a very swift return to the bar for Zoe Kyoti and Matt Owens who played here recently as members of 'The Magic Beans', and what a good night that was.

Tonight they have joined forces with the excellent guitarist Phil James who has played at Number 39 in the past but unfortunately due to overseas work we don't see him as much as we'd like. Thankfully, he's back in good old Blighty for a short visit and we are delighted that he has found time to reunite with Zoe and Matt to entertain us this evening.

All three have their place on the web and you can find out more at Zoe's website, Matt's Website and Phil's Facebook page.


Pic1 Pic1
Phil James
Pic2 Pic2
Zoe Kyoti
Pic3 Pic3
Matt Owens

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