DMP at Number 39

Mic and Susie Darling

plus Karin Grandal-Park

Thursday 18th January 2018 9pm

Tonight we have for you a great line-up of traditional acoustic folk and blues in the form of Mic and Susie Darling plus Karin Grandal-Park. Both are very well known performers on the folk and festivals scene and both often perform with Mike Harding. You can expect a most entertaining evening with plenty of humour and rousing music.

Mic and Susie Darling are well respected Travellers who tell of the Gypsy life through their own music and and amusing stories. With banjo, mandolin and accordion they also cover some early American blues and traditional Celtic songs in their own inimitable style.

"Many years ago I was given a cassette recording of Mic Darling, the album was called 'My Pony & Me' and I had never heard anything like it before. Folk music from the heart by someone who lived with his family on the road in an old Romany gypsy caravan. There was a brutal honesty about the songs and far removed from much of the sugar coated folk music that you often hear on national radio. Such was the influence of that cassette, alongside The Dubliners and The Pogues I would say that Mic Darling is one of the main reasons that Gone Beggin' ever existed! This folk music is as authentic as it gets and having still never seen Mic and Susie perform live I am looking forward to this gig more than any other that I can remember for a while! The real deal, make no mistake about it!"  Gary Ward - Darwen Music Projects

You can find out more on the Mic and Susie Darling Facebook page. Or if you want a quick taster here's Mic and Susie on YouTube.

Karin Grandal-Park is a singer/songwriter with some 30 years experience in the Jazz/Blues field. She has sung with numerous bands over the years including After Hours, Riva and Heartland. In more recent years she has become fascinated with the wide diversity of Folk music and first started to experiment by writing Folk songs which developed to the point where she now devotes her time solely to writing and performing within the Folk genre.

"Karin Grandal-Park has it all as far as folk music is concerned. She is a self assured vocalist with vast experience in the field of jazz. Her voice is strong, full, emotional and she sings with great intelligence and sensitivity." David Kidman - FATEA Magazine

The Karin Grandal-Park website has much more information and you can watch Karin on YouTube accompanied by Mike Harding with Mic and Susie lending a helping hand.


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