DMP at Number 39

The Mike Smith Band

Thursday 14th June 2018 9pm

We are pleased to welcome back to the stage Mike Smith who previously appeared here with one of his other bands, 'Ginger Tunes'. Tonight we'll be experiencing one of his other projects namely 'The Mike Smith Band' with members Jake Woodward, Paul Robinson and Andy Hulme. Whatever the name or line-up we know Mike will be serving up a good helping of musical delight.

Mike plays Saxophones, Flutes and is a specialist in all things groovy. He proudly and boldly delves into experimentation and without fear or shame, a good deal of musical promiscuity! Mike has worked with some very big names in the industry including Steve Winwood, Sam Brown, Sandy Thom, Ian Paice (Deep Purple), The Muffin Men, Craig David and Kid Creole in the past couple of years alone.

This diverse and wide ranging experience have given him kudos amongst his peers and he has become one of the most sought after sax players in the area. In fact to back this up Mike is currently playing with Elkie Brooks on her nationwide tour this year.

You can learn more at Mike's Personal Website or the Ginger Tunes Website or at the Ginger Tunes Facebook page.


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