DMP at Number 39

Misha Gray's Prehistoric Jazz Quintet

Thursday 10th May 2018 9pm

Don't worry about the name, all will be explained, the most important thing is that you are going to witness some great jazz this evening provided by the welcome return of Misha Gray and his Prehistoric Jazz Quintet

Jazz pianist Misha Gray was brought up in Sheffield but currently lives in Angiers, France. Luckily for us Misha is musically very active in the North West where he founded the Dub Jazz Soundsystem and helped form the Marley Chingus Jazz Explosion. He has also spent time in Havana where he developed a speciality in Cuban music. And as if there is no end to the man's talents he spends some time working as a Junior Doctor in the NHS.

The band's title was inspired by the 2008 discovery of a Paleolithic flute in Germany's Hohle Fels cave. The flute was made from a Vulture's wing bone and perforated with five finger holes which astoundingly match to the pentatonic scale. Carbon dating indicates an age of 35,000 years making it the earliest known musical instrument but more importantly that music was well understood by humans well before the advent of writing or agriculture and it perhaps explains why music feels so instinctive to us even today.

Misha's Prehistoric compositions are far from rudimentary or simplistic, they are highly complex and attempt to boil music down to its core. This core that resonates deep within us and has been resonating within us since the dawn of Man.

The band's music is powerful and pulls no punches. Take at look at Misha Gra's Prehistoric Jazz site and play through his 'Sneak Previews', great stuff.


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