DMP at Number 39

Paddy Steer

Thursday 13th June 2019 9pm

Woo-Hoo, Paddy Steer is back amongst us! And a wondrous and fantastical night will ensue.

Dressed in costumes which certainly exceed the bounds of moderation Paddy will be playing homemade and highly modified instruments augmented by some cunning electronics. It would be hard to sum-up Paddy's performances in one sentence but it would probably contain the words unique, innovative and unconventional. In fact it really is unique, with electronic variability (caused by slight changes in humidity, temperature and how vigorously they're shaken) coupled with Paddy's spontaneous improvisations to accommodate whatever the electronics are doing, no particular tune will ever sound the same twice!

Paddy has been likened to "The fairy-tale cobbler working late at night making the finest shoes in the kingdom" which paints a pretty good mental picture. But if you swop the words "cobbler" and "shoes" for "music re-inventor" and "audiovisual onslaught" then maybe you get a little closer.

If you want some sneak previews YouTube has a Mini-Documentary and this video will give you a good feel for his performance. You can also pop along to the Paddy Steer Facebook page.

It's a night not to be missed, be prepared to be both baffled and delighted.


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