DMP at Number 39


plus The Slydes

Saturday 28th April 2018 8:30pm

We are very pleased to present two bands for tonight, Propori and The Slydes.

PROPORI are in their wider role a collective of musicians, artists, and photographers from all corners of the Earth including the United Kingdom, Russia, Portugal and Greece. Regulars at Number 39 will recognise one of our frequent attendees, our friend Luko who is taking part in and contributing greatly to the Propori project.

Propori play a distinctive contemporary folk guitar style fused with a Latin/Spanish touch and deep, burgeoning lyrics that hide nothing from the listener. Between them there is a wealth of experience within the band and they have worked with and supported many big names within the UK and overseas music scenes.

You can learn more and watch some videos at the Propori Facebook page.

THE SLYDES, from Blackburn, play Country, Alternative, Blues and Folk, they are Howard Connell, Lee Hamer, Mick Mckillop and The Sultan.

The Slydes are a band at odds with the times they are in but remain timeless in song and sound. There are nods to John Phillips, Jackson Browne and the layered harmonies of Crosby, Stills and Nash but the landscape these songs inhabit however; is resolutely pastoral industrial north west. It's an engaging collision of styles, sounds and imagery. Northern roof tops, autumn leaves and the faintest smile of California sunshine.

Take a look at The Slydes Facebook page where you can sample the great music to come.


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