DMP at Number 39

Simon Wood

Thursday 29th March 2018 9pm

Tonight we've got a chap from Newcastle called Simon Wood playing some drums... but the twist is that Simon is no ordinary drummer and he doesn't play ordinary drums - and we just can't wait for this gig to come round !!!

In fact Simon plays some very unusual percussive instruments the most notable being the Hang Drum which is an amazing modern creation yet it sounds ancient. Made in Switzerland the Hang is a resonant and deep instrument made from steel that sounds like no other instrument out there. It's rich overtones and meditative yet energetic sonics will have you floating on a cloud of bliss.

Here's the story... At the Glastonbury Festival in 2000 Simon found himself listening to a late night session at the stone circle where people were playing all kinds of drums and instruments in a weird tribal organic jam. He was invited to join in on a loaned Djembe drum and something of an epiphany came over him. From that point on he was hooked and in the following years he helped start a community drumming group, has been to West Africa to study Djembe, trained in facilitating Drum circles and has learned Indian Tabla drums. Bongos, Congas and and all kinds of drums.

Then by chance, in 2006 whilst walking in an Amsterdam park he heard a distant tinkling sound together with a deep sonorous bass and following the sound he came on a dreadlocked man playing what looked like a UFO. Simon had discovered the "Hang" and was captivated, soon he tracked down the Swiss makers and the rest is history!

A very different night is in store and we are in great anticipation of this rare treat. For more details, sound tracks and videos visit the Simon Wood Website.


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