DMP at Number 39

Waltz Away plus

Teri Birtwistle and Laura Mary

Sunday 9th February 2020 4pm

It's great to welcome for their first performance at Number 39 the Blackburn band Waltz Away. Plus we have the great bonus of our two good friends Teri Birtwistle and Laura Mary.

Waltz Away draw influence from the work of acoustic melodic heartbreakers such as Elliot Smith and Ryan Adams. The band combine lilting melodies and intricate instrumentation with raw emotions and heartfelt lyrics, creating a sound that's both passionate and melancholic.

The quartet is comprised of singer & rhythm guitarist Ben Kirton and drummer Steven Smith, formerly of local rockers Anhedonia, bassist Derren Lee Poole and lead guitarist Elliot Thomas. The band are currently making waves in their hometown of Blackburn, where their first performances have showcased not only their keen musicianship, but also their deep connection with a crowd.

Plenty more to see, hear and read on the Waltz Away Facebook page.

Very ably supporting the band will be our much appreciated singer/songwriters and good friends Teri Birtwistle and Laura Mary.

Waltz Away


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Number 39 Hopstar Brewery Tap
39-41, Bridge Street

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